service-1Impact Investing

Impact investing is a long-term investment approach that enables investors to achieve competitive financial returns while integrating measurable economic, environmental and social goals. Active impact investing treats capital as tool for investors to extend their mission-oriented work and effect social change. Alpha Impact Advisors can provide strategies to optimize capital commitments and ensure meaningful, impactful results. Disciplined investment process that begins with a clear understanding of your organization’s long-term objectives.

service-3Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) integrates the economic, social and environmental impact that business has on people, places, and the planet. CSR should be integral to core business objectives and strategies. Over 90% of the world’s largest 250 companies publish annual corporate responsibility reports, almost 60% of which are independently audited. Companies from sectors as diverse as financial services, information technology oil, gas and mining commit billions of dollars to help solve societal challenges. In 2014, 80% of the S&P 500 companies were creating corporate social responsibility reports.

service-4Measuring Social Outcomes

Investors use standardized metrics to evaluate and manage their social and environmental performance. Impact investing requires a specialized approach to positively screening for outcomes rather than merely screening out certain investments, sectors or industries. Commoditized asset management is unlikely to capture relative value amongst good and bad projects without the deeper dive to understand how the project fits in the ecosystem, i.e. the net contribution.

Alpha Impact Advisors Services include:

  • Impact Audit: Third party independent assessment of environmental or social reporting
  • Due diligence on impact portfolios
  • Portfolio Optimization using impact measurement and ESG factors
  • CRA Research & Reporting: detailed reporting on community development activities for internal use or as independent third-party analysis.
  • CRA Exam Preparation: Providing supporting documentation to examiners in a format that is meaningful and easy to use.
  • Market-Rate Investment / Program Related Investment (MRI/PRI) Valuation