Insights on wealth, worth and impact investing

The 2016 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth® survey explores the wealthy – who they are and where they came from, how they built their wealth and how they plan to use it. Most of the respondents (77%) grew up middle class or poor.  Their success was attributed to hard work, ambition and family upbringing.

Interest in impact investing varies across generations, with millennials leading at 57% interested and 28% already investing. Gen X follows, with 31% and 24%, respectively.  Insights from the survey:

  •       Millennials are 3.1 times more likely than older generations to own impact investments
  •   58% of wealthy respondents believe market rates of return are possible through impact investing
  •    39% consider investment decisions a way to express personal values.  
  •    38% believe companies that have a positive impact have better financial performance.